I decided to make a blog when I found out that my best friend’s sister has a blog and I got the chance to read it, so I asked myself, “Why shouldn’t I try making a blog?” and so it happened I have this one right now and I started blogging last November 2015 and my first blog post is entitled, “To The One That I Love.”

Hello, everyone! My name is Mary. I’m the type of a girl that really loves reading books and writing things that is connected to poetry. I’m the girl who’s very determined and passionate in reaching my dreams and goals in life and that I would do every single thing just to make that happen.


I’m 17 years old and I live in the Philippines. I’m still studying and I’m a Senior High School student in a Catholic School. Every now and then at school, I would make lots of drafts of my own poems and stories most especially when I’m not in the mood to listen to my professor’s discussion. On weekends, you would probably see me still lying in the bed at past 10 AM and would wake up at 12 noon while on weekdays, I’m mostly likely to wake up at 5 AM and leave for school at 6 AM. And when I get home, I would first check my mails and notifications before studying.

I like to finish all the things I need to do at night because that’s where the time I feel most productive than in the morning or in the afternoon.


I love reading and writing. I guess writing is my sweet escape from the bitterness and sadness that I feel mostly in the days that I’m hurt or down. Commonly, I can sense that words are travelling with me whenever I go that’s why I always have a pen and a notebook with me or a phone to have my drafts saved.

I love doing things that is related to art, most especially calligraphy, a bit of doodling, photography and painting which also serves as my hobbies when I’m not writing or reading books.

Not to mention that I also love going to concerts/shows or my faves, going to art fairs and going to coffee shops to have my mind in peace so that I would be able to write everything I want to put down using my own words.

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