The Boy Who Lived

He was the boy who can sacrifice everything
Magic, friendship and bravery is what makes him stronger that everyone could know.
They were the one that matters him the most.

Seven books, one boy.
Seven book, one main villain.
Seven books, different hero and heroines.
Seven books with different stories but only one purpose.

Don’t tell me what you see but
expect me to save you as I can be.

With the magical prospect that relives the death,
tell me who I can be and I’ll be with you no matter
how it can be.

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Everyone is a hero from their past lives
but with different stories that emphasizes what
they did in the present.

Four houses with different traits,
Collided with one main reason to stay.
Defended by others and saved by one,
but lets you pick anyone.

For what he did may benefit others,
they stayed just for him to be strong.
They are who he needed for him to do
everything he can.

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He was the wizard that’s been called
as the chosen one and they are his
shadow to prove the evil that
he will always be the one.

Many are afraid, but he was the one
who faced death among all the people.
Many disagreed that he isn’t the one
but he faced them with bravery and curiosity.

As what Padfoot says, “the ones that love
us never really leave us.”, will always
be imprinted in his heart.

(c) Google

It was terrible, but all of them
had already expected the great things
he would do ever since he was born.

The magic never really ends.
As long as you see the beauty and happiness
in other things, that’s where you’ll always be
secured with love.

From the rare scar he got from
He Who Must Not Be Named down to his
mother’s green eyes, he was finally safe and
sound, covered with Lily’s unending
love and care.

After all this years, he would always
be loved by others, some are dead while
some had lived in the memory that will
never be forgotten.

#20YearsOfHarryPotter ⚡️

Happy 20th year, Harry Potter! ❤️

The Harry Potter book series and movie will always have a special place in my heart. Since it was really the first reason why I had started to love reading and collecting books. Harry Potter was the first official fiction book that I’ve read since I was a child. From books down to movies, all I can say is J.K Rowling did really GREAT!

No words can express how thankful I am to Joanne for making my life even more magical. I’ve become a Potterhead since then and I’ll always be a Potterhead forever. ⚡️✨




Tell me that you love me and I will love you back
Whatever it may be, I will be here
At the end of the winter, expect me to find you
Wearing those thick coats while pushing myself to never give up until I find you at the dark streets

I dreamed of you, staring at the moon
while I was staring at the sun.

It happened that we aren’t matched.
The moon was just there, waiting for me to stare at it too but when am I going to do with the sun who’s waiting for me to love it?

I can’t wait to reach the thought of you and
I don’t need anyone else, just you.

Me and you, remember it.
We are both made for each other. I believe
in fate and so I believe in us.


As far as I know, you are the place I want to be.
As far as I remember, you are the roots of a beautiful
flower that keeps on growing.
You keep on growing and I keep on loving you.

What I’ve felt isn’t what I always show, but
what I do is what I really need to do for you.
For you, for me and for us.

The clock is still ticking and it
shows quarter to four. What does it

We are much more different from them.
You are you and we are us. Love is love
and we are here to be together.

It is the beautiful prism that we
see in each other’s eyes.

Don’t send me the light of the moon
when my mind is full of brightness from the sun.
You think I can do this? Of course, you do.

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈✨

You deserve all the love, respect and acceptance. Be the love you never received from anyone. ❤️💐


The Touch of an Angel

We haven’t had enough time
but fly high, I know you’ll watch us.

Its hard to accept that you’re already gone,
but we will try.

I hear the trumpets and horns
while they’re waiting for you up there.

We don’t have enough memories to look at,
but I’m sure you will be truly missed.

You’ve put smiles to those people who can’t even laugh.
You’ve loved the people who can’t even love themselves.

I wish you were here until the end,
but the day came when you need to walk away.

You like to tell stories when I was little,
while I like to see you smile when I was already a teenager.

Please take care of yourself
because we couldn’t do that anymore to you.

You’re already in good hands now.

At night, when you finally look down,
you’ll find me staring at you.

You’re one of them.
There might be hundreds of them in the galaxy,
but you’re one of the brightest stars I’ve met.

There will be stains
but our eyes will always have the saddest thoughts of all.

You were a great mother and wife,
a silly and funny grandmother,
a loving sister and friend.

Thy journey has ended,
but our love for you will be forever.

ISAIAH 41:10 

              10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will        strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

— Nanay, we don’t have enough pictures and I only have some memories with you. But I’m going to cherish and keep these memories as treasures from you. The day I went to visit Papa, was the day I haven’t visited you because I was shy. I’m sorry. I love you with all of my heart. Your journey has ended and you will be truly missed. ✨

Boy meets Evil.

When I was lost, you found me
I was falling off guard, but you caught me.

He was pulling me through the darkness
It was a deep, chaotic one.

I was a fallen angel and in an alternate universe,
I may be a psychopath having to murder a
person unintentionally.

You tried everything you can,
but its too late.

I’m lost and nowhere to be found.
It was a mark of disgrace, and it
can’t happen again.


I was reborn with huge wings but
its disappearing from time to time.

Save me, help me.
I’m trying to escape the maze, but I can’t.

I was drag down inside the dungeon.
I was being controlled, I don’t know anything.

He’s behind me
but I don’t see anything, yet my eyes are
being covered by a cloth with blood stains.

I can look through your eyes
because I was the boy who meets the evil.

End of Spring.

Its how you speak my name,
how you love me and even how you work hard for me.

I hear those whisper of yours that reached my ears
while murmuring those words you put in a song.

The melody, the tune, the rhythm, and the beat
is what I only hear from.

Remember those dry leaves you used to put
inside your notebook?

They used to be there until after
you form a bit in Spring, they
suddenly disappeared.

You know I believed in you, they
put themselves into miserable places
just to drag you down, but here I am
staying with you since then.

Don’t run, dare to chase it.
Its a song just for you and me. For us.

So please remember me, as I sing
a song for you and you only.

Hold You.

Kilometers are what makes us apart from each other, 1 687 miles to be exact

In the books, you are just a fictional character that I wanted to be with when I grow up

Months, years and days passed by, you were flying high up in the sky across the deep blue ocean that shines through the night between the moon and the stars,

Soaring and thinking what would it be if you wouldn’t found us lying onto the ground?

Everything is lost but when I finally found you, you complete the broken pieces that I found inside myself.

Open your heart and please accept mine, few were the things that I can offer to you

Knew it would be something I really wanted, whatever it is, it wouldn’t let us apart

Jump up and down against the highest cliff of the mountain, it is our fate and I believe you can do it with us carrying you along the years

I screamed and it isn’t the same when I don’t hear your voice when I’m in a crowded place

Never will I leave you, I will always be here watching you reach the highest cliff as I hold you tightly




You’re one of my favorite letters
and you make those words full for me,
through the sun and moon,
here we are passing by

Why can’t you see?
all the things she have done
just to make you stay
here all along

Isn’t that worthy
or you are just the coward one?
pity, you took her for granted
and it isn’t what you called love

Through the veins
our blood full of hope is passing,
hoping that it would change
and would be back at the start

One, two, three
she suddenly fell asleep
onto your arms
widening her heart

She was broke for
a long time and
she can take care
of herself without you

You’re one of my favorite letters
but no words is better
off without