I don’t know how to start this but first of all, I ought to write this one because I just want to. Two days ago, I went online on my Twitter fan account (you know, fan girl stuffs) and I opened my direct messages. While I was checking it, I saw a message from a mutual of mine whom I really don’t talk to.

She said, “Hi Mary! I just you to know that your tweets always makes me smile because you’re so positive. Sorry for feeling close, that’s all!!” 💗

I was so speechless when I’ve read her message. I mean, I didn’t expect that someone would message and tell me that I always made him/her smile by my tweets.

And so I’m here to tell you some of my simple rules you may need in your daily life. 😊

  1. If you don’t step forward, you will always be in the same place.
    Try stepping out of your comfort zone, you wouldn’t lose anything if you would. You’ll also be able to discover many things about yourself that you aren’t fond of doing or anything that might interest you.
  2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
    There’s nothing wrong if you would ask someone about a certain thing. Whenever you’re curious, just ask. Besides it will help you more to do the right thing and to strive harder.
  3. If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
    Don’t let your dreams stay as just what it is. Dare to chase it. Take risks if you really need to. Explore everything and anything. If you really want it, then go for it!
  4. Always grab the opportunity when it comes to reality.
    For example, you want to be a writer and there’s this local newspaper who needs aspiring writers for their paper and has an open call, try it. Prepare your portfolio and yourself. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t accepted, what matters is that you were able to try it. Don’t get to the point that you’re going to regret because you haven’t tried anything. You never know when will it happen again, so while it’s happening now, do your thing.
  5. Everything happens for a reason.
    Never regret all the things you’ve done before. Everything happens for a reason, just remember that. If you weren’t able to do what you’re supposed to do before, then maybe today is the right time for you to do it.
  6. Know your major goals in life.
    Set your goals you want to achieve while living a happy life. Take note of all the things you want to do or you want to achieve ever since you were a kid. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is you’re going to achieve it soon. Make a bucket list of ALL the things you want to do, happen or achieve.
  7. If you want to learn a new language or new things, try it!
    Try everything that makes you happy. If you want to learn a new language and you can’t afford or you don’t want to study in a language school, find ways. There’s Google, search everything you can. Don’t be afraid to try anything you want, it’s for your own benefit too.
  8. Everyday is a new beginning.
    Forget what happened yesterday or the other day. It will pass by. Its your chance to make it right. Everyday is an adventure for you and for others. Do something good everyday.
  9. Never compare yourself to others.
    Each one of us is unique in our own ways. We are different with each other. Never ever compare yourself to others just because you can’t do what they can do. Remember that you can do it too, as long as you’ll believe in yourself that you can do it.
  10. Be happy. Prioritize yourself than anything else.
    Stay healthy and be happy. Always believe in yourself that you can do it. At the end of the day, you yourself is the only one who you can trust. Love yourself even more.
  11. Pray.
    It works all the time. Don’t doubt Him just because your wish/es hasn’t happened or granted yet. I tell you, it will happen in the right time. You don’t need to rush things just because you want to, be patient. Do your best and God will do the rest.

When I was just a kid, being positive isn’t really my thing. But when I’ve reached my teenage life, I realized that you’ll be able to be motivated if you’re going to be positive. Even if things went wrong before and I’ve doubted myself for all the reasons that happened to me, it didn’t become a barrier for me to stop being an optimistic person.

I hope those who’ll read this would never stop believing in themselves. Just because you haven’t reached your goals, you’re going to give up. No, you shouldn’t. Don’t listen to those people who’s saying you can’t do it and you’re just wasting your time. Prove them that no matter what happens, YOU CAN DO IT. I believe in you, so you should believe in yourself too. 💓

Don’t degrade yourself just because you don’t know how to do this or that. You’re living because you have and need to. You should aim high. Never underestimate yourself just because you lose. Whatever it takes, just remember to do your best-est every time. ✨

“Open their eyes and have no fear.” – No Fear, Somewhere Over My Head EP

This line is what I really love from Greyson Chance‘s No Fear from SOMH EP. Though the song talks about opening yourselves from love, I just want to emphasized that the line also applies to our own selves. Don’t let yourself be covered up with your own fears. If you let your weaknesses to surround your goals, you can’t achieve them. Instead, use your weaknesses to build a strong foundation of strength for yourself. 😊

A daily reminder that you are loved by everyone. If anyone hates you,  don’t stoop down on their level. Chin up, smile on your enemies, keep moving forward. Don’t stop until you’re proud of yourself. Believe in the person you want to be in the future. Do the things that your heart desires even if people don’t want them for you. You’re doing it for yourself, not for them. You can’t please everyone. As what Dr. Seuss says, “You have to be odd to be number one.” 

Don’t wait for things to happen, instead DO THEM NOW so it can happen.

You are loved, you are strong, you are beautiful. You can do it, I believe in you. 💝

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the calligraphy quotes pictures. All credits to Google.


#YSOpenCall at Cup Fiction

Young Star held its open call again last March 11, 2017 at 141 White Plains, Katipunan Ave., 1110 Quezon City. (The second batch of open call will be on March 18, 2017. Same time, same place. 11AM – 5PM!)

The said open call are open to all aspiring writers, illustrators, photographers and multimedia artists and take note, no age limit!


Time to get the dream job everyone! ~

What I did after seeing the poster, I contacted my friends: Nikka, Klarisse and Jem so that the four of us would try to apply. I would apply for the position as a writer, Klarisse as a photographer while Nikka and Jem would apply as illustrators! But unfortunately, Klarisse wasn’t able to make it last Saturday with us. ☹️

March 11, 2017

Nikka, Jem and I were accompanied by our mothers ~ (see, we’re still kids.. Kidding!)

141 White Plains, Katipunan Ave., 1110 Quezon City, Philippines

Cup Fiction is a cafe and restaurant that serves good coffee, comfort food and plenty of stories. It is located at 141 White Plains, Katipunan Ave., 1110 Quezon City. It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and is open at 10 AM – 12AM!

Services are:

  • Good for groups
  • Good for kids
  • Takes reservations
  • Take out
  • Waiter service
  • Walk – Ins welcome

You can contact them at the following sites:

  • Email:
  • Official website:

Okay… That was just a little advertisement to promote Cup Fiction! 🙂

We waited for like an hour or so before we were interviewed. And of course, we shouldn’t miss the food they serve here! Mom ordered a breakfast menu which I forgot what the food name is because honestly, I wasn’t paying attention ‘coz I’m so nervous that time! Applicants are currently being interviewed while we were waiting for the food to arrive.


Nikka was the first one who wrote her name at the applicant’s list so automatically, she’ll be the first one to be interviewed, next is Jem and the last one is me. The above picture was the one we took before we head to the line up for the interviewees.


Pre – interview picture again ~ this is where the three of us are waiting for our turn, which is Nikka will be the first one! (Faking a smile because I’m REALLY nervous!!)

I obviously don’t know what to say because this is my first ever open call and interview in my whole life… I was very tense and I don’t know what to do.

After they interviewed Nikka and Jem, I was the next one. We were in this room where the panel of the Young Star’s team were sitted and they’re like the six of them which I don’t exactly know their faces because I was focused on looking at Marga who is the editor and Maine who is the creative director. The two of them are mainly the ones who asks questions.

As far as I can remember, here are the questions they’ve asked me:

When did you start reading Young Star?

If you could write an article for Young Star, what would it be?

What is your favorite article in Young Star and why?

What is the position you are applying for?

And I also don’t know if I forgot any of their questions to me because I struggled a bit while answering them and speaking in English so I also speak in Tagalog like, taglish! Dude, its very nerve – racking facing the team and think about that, they’re all professionals! I can’t even look at them straight in the eye which I think is a minus point for me for not  having an eye contact with them.

After I was being interviewed/asked by them, they asked each other if they have any questions for me and fortunately, they don’t have any and they asked me if they could keep my curriculum vitae which I said sure, they could.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While our Moms are waiting for a taxi, the three of us took pictures after our interview and yes, we survived! Even though we struggle a bit in speaking, I can say this is our first exposure and an experience ready for our future ahead of us.

I present to you the aspiring writer and the illustrators! 🤗🤗🤗

(Crossing our fingers before, during and after our interview because the results will come out after the second batch of the open call…)

Hired or not, this will always be an amazing experience for us! 😊

(You may see or may not see us again on next year’s open call if we aren’t hired… 😂)


SAME TIME, SAME PLACE! (11 AM – 5PM at 141 White Plains, Katipunan Ave., 111o Quezon City, Philippines)

Check out Young Star’s official websites for more information:

— Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll go to the next open call! 💚



5 days in a week. | February 2017

I rarely post any blogs here anymore and I’ve been posting a lot of poetry which is I think is good ‘coz I’m improving then. I’ve also decided that I should try blogging more and make this as one of my daily journal. So, I’m going to have a daily blog every month which I’m giving myself the freedom to choose any week of that month which I’ll be writing and putting here. (I hope I would be able to complete February to December… LOL!)

So anyway, this is my first entry for my 5 days in a week for the month of February.

02/20/17 – with Joanna @ Cafe Belman

• First day of the week: means we have flag ceremony at school, physical education is our first subject, we have one vacant, we have media and information literacy and we have statistics. I guess it went well. I was able to submit my research paper because it was due on that day. I know I’ve messed up my Statistics exam when I’m taking it last week and I wasn’t surprised with the result our professor gave us. I was also with Joanna before I go home. We went to Cafe Belman and there we have our little chitchats about love, life and love – life. So all in all, Monday will always be my favorite day! ❤

• I crammed a bit while doing my research paper and speaking about my research paper, my professor said that if she have to give me a score, it would be 10/100 because I don’t have any citations at all! I guess she only read the first few pages but I swear I have put proper citations in my RRLs! After that, we have our next subject which is again connected in thesis making and I have this classmate that thinks s(he) was the only one working on our thesis questions which I don’t agree any at all. (We’re all are busy with school stuffs and we’re quite having difficulties in making questions because we all think that all of them are just interrelated to each other.) I was so annoyed but I just ignored it because acads is lifer!! That day is also our schedule to visit an orphanage located in Pasig City. There’s this one kid that really caught my attention when we’re about to choose whom we’re going to teach and talk to. His name is Rence and is a small, cute and very charming one and he’s very shy. At first, he doesn’t want to come with me. He hides in every places of the room but after persuading him to come to me (because I said we’re going to play and I’m going to give him giveaways), I was able to read him a book and to teach him many things. I asked him how old is he, where does he study and what he wants to be when he grow up. He said he wanted to be an aswang because he want to bite and scare people. (Its a bit odd because he was the only kid I’ve ever encountered in my life who wants to be like that! (By the way, aswang is a mythological human/monster that eats another human and most commonly eats animals and lives in Western provinces in the Philippines.) to add up, Rence also likes Baymax from Big Hero Six. Our group visited the babies and the toddlers who were also in the orphanage which we really find them so cute! (P.S: I missed Rence. He was such a cute and charming little kid!)

02/22/17 – with Ish

• I wasn’t able to attend class because I feel very sleepy the time I woke up very early in the morning because imagine, I slept at 2 AM and I need to wake up at 5 AM?! Uhh, I need enough energy to go to school. Anyway, I woke up at 1 PM in the afternoon. My best friend, Ish called me and asked me if I’m ready because we have a planned meet up on that day together with Cyrile and Joyce. But since I was absent that day, Ish said its okay if it’ll only be just the two of us to hang out. (Sorry Cyrile & Joyce!) and yeah, she waited outside the house and we went to Sumilang, Pasig City wherein her family has a house there. We eat, talk and laugh and I guess I can call it a day! 🙂

02/23/17 – with Klarisse and Nikka @ Tea Prime

• Everyday is filled with projects, submissions and performance tasks that we need to submit the next day and next week, which is very tiring and stressful to us. We finished tallying our data we have for our group thesis. Nothing much happened this day, its just full of school stuffs and works we need to do in the weekends. After dismissal, I treated Klarisse and Nikka at the milk tea store near our school. We talk and talk a lot about different things which in the end made the three of us laugh!

• YES, THANK GOD ITS FREAKIN’ FRIDAY! Which means I have two whole days to have a loooooong sleep without setting my alarm clock at 5 AM! And yes, I also have two whole days to finish all of our school works which is due next week. Isn’t wonderful? LOL! We only have 7 subjects for this day and all of them are either we fall asleep, we’re on hype or neither. I think we have 2 more research paper and a thesis, a homework in Stats, an upcoming shadow play in CPAR (Contemporary Philippine Art from the Regions) and a musical theater performance in Performing Arts, an upcoming thesis defense on Tuesday which my group is the first one to defent and ALL other school works that isn’t mentioned here. Imagine that, we’re going to spend our last 2 weeks at school doing all of this things on our stressful days and sleepless night. I just can’t! So again before I can call this a day, Klarisse, Nikka and I spent the day buying all the things we need for school, eat some street foods, and finally they went there in our house to eat (again) and the three of us watched Suicide Squad and we took a pic using my Instax! Its very tiring but its fun!

— Hi! So here’s my first entry for my blog post 5 days in a week!




Lately, I’ve been feeling very different. A lot. I’ve been experiencing mental blocks whenever I’m in the mood to write anything. I wanted to write because I need to let out all of the words and thoughts inside my head. But when I’m about to write, there are no exact words coming out. I’m so frustrated! Its like I’ve so many drafts of my own poems and spoken words in my phone but I can’t even put them here.

Last night, I scanned all of my books. I happened to have 2 unread books and a few more books that I need to continue reading. Its not like I don’t like reading but I haven’t got any time to read all of them because of our busy schedule at school due to the projects and performance tasks submissions.


In Case You Come Back  is one of my unfinished books. It is a book of poetry written by Marla Miniano and Reese Lansangan, which I’m posting a book review of it within this week even though I’ve bought the book a year ago.


My grandmother gave me a papemelroti stuff (shown above). I tried that thing in which you need to close your eyes and you’ll need to point anywhere the paper in any direction you want. After that, you need to open your eyes and if you’ve pinpointed a certain box, you need to do what it says. For me, I pinpointed out the words, “know thyself” which I think suits my situation now.

The past few days I was really unproductive like I always cram every night before the said day of our project’s submission. But on the brighter side of being a procrastinator, I always end up finishing all of them which I guess is such a relieeeeef!

Last week was also our preliminary examinations and I really messed up while taking our Statistics exam. I was absent the day before the exams because Klarisse and I were very busy finding our own RRLs (Review of Related Literatures) for our Research in Daily Life subject which is an individual work. Fortunately, I was able to find a book! All thanks to Klarisse!

To sum up everything, I spent the whole last week being with my friends and finishing my research paper that was due today. 🙂

— Hiya, watch out for my In Case You Come Back book review on Thursday and 5 days in a week on Sunday!



7 Things I Learned This Year

Hello, reader! Few more hours before this year, 2016, ends. And as for it, this will be my last blog post for this year. Thank you for being with me for the whole year! I hope you’ll read more of my future blog posts when 2017 begins. So, these are the things I learned this year.

1.) Value all the people who are always there for you. Never ever abandon them for what they are but instead, love them unconditionally just the way they are. Remember, they were the ones who witnessed you when you’re terribly down or sad. They were the ones who helped you to survive whatever problems you’re having difficulty at. They were the ones who saw you at your worst, but still loved you after that. They were the ones who deserve your love and attention, and not those people who don’t even have time for you.

2.) Believe in yourself. Every single day that passes by, you’re going to encounter different problems that will test you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Problems that might put you down. But always remember that everything happens for a reason. Every mistake or failure teaches us lessons that we can use in improving ourselves and be a better person. We accidentally fall on the wrong trap, but we should keep on moving forward so that we get to achieve more of our future goals.

3.) Let go and remove all the toxic people in your life. Even if its your best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. Those kind of people aren’t the one you need. They don’t deserve you and neither you deserve them too. Ask this question to yourself, “Do they want me in their life the same way I wanted them to be with?”, if they really want you in their life, they’re always going to put an effort for you to stay, not an invalid reason or excuse for you to choose to let them go. Wake up, honey. People like them don’t deserve every single thing from you. Don’t waste your time making them stay. Because if they really want to stay, they will, even if you don’t beg them to. You deserve the best of the best!

4.) Be happy and enjoy life! From the phrase, “You only live once”, yes we all do! That’s why as much as possible, do whatever you want to do. It is never too late to discover new things and to explore your likes and dislikes! But also know your limitations and comfort zones. Safe and right things would do. Do what you want to do, as long as you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. You’ll never know if you’re good at skiing or making crafts if you don’t try. You’ll get no harm if you try, just try. Enjoy every single thing and cherish it while it lasts.

5.) Be contented. Be contented with what you have. Not everyone can have everything you have in your arms because not everyone can get or achieve it. Settle for everything but never forget all the things and all the people you already have. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. 

6.) Be thankful. Always thank Him for everything. For guiding you, for always listening to you, for always being there for you when no one else was, for being able to mend things that no one can. Be grateful wjth everything that you have and for everything you’re receiving every day.

7.)  Trust the Lord. He knows everything. He knows what’s the best for us. You may not understand what’s hapoening with your life now, but I asure you, you will understand it soon. He won’t let you experience those kind of problems, sufferings and pain if he don’t know how strong you are as a person.

It never ends


It is very crucial to live in a world when no one knows what exactly you’re feeling.

Reckless, life – changing, full of hatred and pain, worthless people, heartaches and sacrifices.

It’s only a month to go before this year ends. Almost all the things that happened this year is just painful as it can be. It is even hard to detach your feelings to those who you’ve had close ties with.

I’ve witnessed so many happy and sad moments, heart breaks of my friend’s relationships and also, I’ve happened to witnessed mine too.It had been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve lost people whom I love, people also lose me. I met new people who are far off better than others.

A lot happened throughout this year. I remembered how I started this year with all of my favorite people and all of the happy memories in it. But in the middle of the year, things started to mess up. My favorite and closest uncle died and that results me to feel very down and sad. And as I entered my first semester as a Senior High student, my boyfriend and I started to have serious arguments which led us to a break up.

And that is equal to I’ve already lost two important persons in my life. So depressing, isn’t it? As I under go in the process of being a “cry baby” for almost two weeks, I observed that most of my friends are always there for me. They got me through thick and thin and they reminded me on how I should know my worth and value as a person. They reminded me everything that I didn’t even notice because I was busy wasting my time in one person who didn’t even deserve it.

I can say that I’m so blessed with all of the people who I have in my life. And to this one person that I’ve parted ways with, I’m still blessed for having you part of it.

Before I end this blog, I want to give thanks, love and appreciation to all of these people:

PCS Senior High | XI – St. Catherine of Bologna | Visual Arts and Design
  • XI – St. Catherine of Bologna (team Visual Arts and Design)
    Its been a great year being with youuu! I hope we will all be together till next year! Whatever is happening with all of you, you know I’m only here. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. 🙂
  • 45th Squad (Vane, Kate, Liano, Yuji, JM, Denise, Jacob and Pete ft. Daren)
    Its been a year since we’ve met each other which is I’m so grateful and blessed that it happened. Sobrang thank you lalo na nung 5 VS. 1 kayo sa gc kasama si ano… (Wala ka Liano, so sad.) HAHAHA! Thanks for listening to all of my “kadramahan” and kwentos in life! Thank you so much for always being there for me, most especially when I need gala buddies! Love you all x


  • Nikka 
    Hello to my cutest and funniest girl! Its been 3 years since we didn’t hang out with each other because we’re 7th Grade classmates way back then but luckily, we’re classmates again today!! Thank you for being my “book and art” buddy! And I must say a real partner – in – crime because we’re savage af! Lol, got your back as always! I hope you’ll find the right guy who’ll love you as much as you love him. Take care of yourself. Love you x
  • Vane 
    Hello to my oh so crazy but pretty friend! We’ve just met each other last school year and I didn’t actually thought that you’re going to be that so close and special to me. Thank you so much for everything! Always remember that you don’t have to be so scared of what people will think of you, because if they really love and care for you, they’ll respect and love for who you are. I got you always! I love you x
  • Kate 
    Hi to my maldita and maingay but so kalog friend! We know each other for a long time but we only got a chance to bond with each other last year! I’m so thankful to have you. Thank you for always being there for me. Thanks for listening to all of my hanash in life! I want you to know that I want you to be happy! You deserve everything. I love you x


  • Lorie
    Hello to my fab buddy since 9th Grade! Thank you for always being there for me. Most especially when I always get your “libre” in times I’m in need of food HAHAHA! I hope you get to find the right guy you’re suitable and comfortable with. Love you x


  • Joyce 
    Do I still have to give you a message? HAHAHA kidding. Hello to my sister from another mother, best friend, girl friend and my realest partner – in – crime of all time!! I don’t need to elaborate every thing here because you already know how much I care for you and how much I love you. We’re stuck with each other for 9 years and I’m so thankful and blessed for having you in my life. More goals and achievements to come! I got you as always, I love you!! x


  • Joyce, Cyrile, Ish
    Hello to my crazy best friends since 7th Grade! We’ve given the chance to be with each other up until now. We already have built trust, love and long – lasting friendship. Thank you for always being there for me and for always being so supportive! More gala, food trips and kwentos to share! I love you three x
  • Joanna 
    Hello to my kalokohan and food trip buddy of all time! Thank you for always listening to all of my “kwentos” and “kadramahans” in life. I’m so thankful we’ve given the chance to hang with each other. Here’s to more foodtrip and kwentos!  Love you!


  • Sir Alvin Altarejos 
    Hello to my second Dad at school! Even though we don’t talk that much po, you’ll always be one of the best-est and my favorite teacher! Thank you po for always listening to all of my “kadramahan & kwentos” in life. Wish you all the best! Thank you for everything, Sir! 🙂
  • Angelika
    So, kailangan pa ba kitang ganituhin? HAHAHAHA joke. We’ve been best friends since we’re in 6th Grade. I’m so blessed to have you, Raven, Jewel and July. Even though we don’t have enough time spending time with each other, love ko pa rin kayo! Thanks for always being there for me, every time na kailangan ko ng makakaladkad sa gala. Hahaha, thanks for also listening to all of my dramas in life. I hope you find the right guy who’ll love you and who’ll be clingy to you as you are to him in the future. Here’s to more goals and achievements with you! I love you!
  • Adventure Time (Erik, Miguel & Darron) 
    Wow, its been like 2 or 3 years we’ve exchanged seats from 2nd to 4th grading and became seatmates!! Hello to my favorite seatmates!! Thanks for the unending support since 9th Grade! Thank you for always listening to my dramas in life HAHAHAHA. I got you three as always!
  • CAT Batch Bagwis ’13 – ’14 (Sir Terado, Joaquin, Celyn, Kate, Nath, Marj, Earl, AJ, CK, Jesper, Klarisse, Juan, Roselie, Jenel, Reina, Coline, Cherry, Legna, Jermhie Via, Gayle, Angelika & Raven) 
    3 years have passed but we still don’t forget each other! I’m so blessed and grateful that I’ve given the chance to be part of the Corps of Cadets and to get to know you all. What really makes me happy is that we always find time to be together even in just a minute or an hour. You’ll always be my second family!
  • Ate Rocelle 
    To my prettiest and kalog second nanay in CAT, thank you so much for everything! We know each other since we were still COCCs, thank you for guiding us in everything we do. I’m so grateful to have you! Thanks for listening to all of my kwentos and dramas in life! I hope you find the right one who’ll love you endlessly and unconditionally. I love you x
  • Cherry 
    Hi buddy! We know each other for almost 4 years now and I’m so happy to have you. Thanks for everything! I’m always here for you. I hope you find the right guy you’re going to be with soon. Got you always! Love you x
  • Klarisse 
    To my first sister in the CAT, my golf 1st and friend, thank you for everything! Thank you for listening to all of my “kadramahan & kabadtripan” in life!! I’m so thankful to have you since then. Always remember that I’m here for you, and I hope you find the right one you’re going to be comfortable with soon. Got you always, love you!!
  • Celyn 
    Hello to our one and only, Ex – O! Hi Cel! Thanks for everything! Thank you for listening to my “kadramahan” in my life and those “kwentos” about him. I’m so thankful that I met you. Let’s date na ha! I’m always here for you. Good luck on your studies and I love you!
  • Ma’am Geraldine 
    Hello to our one and only Momsie! Thank you for always being there for us, your warriors. Thank you for being so supportive in everything we do up to now. Truly, you’re the best and one of a kind! I love you Ma’am!!

And lastly, to the one whom I’ve spent my time for almost 4 years, to the one who completed me way back then, the one who supported me, the one who makes all the butterflies in my stomach fly, the one who is my crying shoulder, the one I always shares my rants with, the one I always fight with, the only one whom I’ve planned about our future and the one whom I’ve already set goals with, my buddy in everything and the one who hurt me,


  • Daren 
    Hello! I don’t know exactly what will I put here. But I just want to thank you for every single thing you’ve done for me and for us. I don’t know if you’ll still be able to read this. Thank you and sorry. All of our memories will still be here. Please, bring back the old you. Because I know that you’re just pretending to act like you don’t even care. I know you, or I used to know you. I was the first one who truly knows the real you. I was given the chance to know you. Thank you for the smile, laugh and love you’ve given me. I may not forgive you right now, but maybe I will soon. Good luck in everything that you’ll do! Don’t do anything that’ll hurt you. Don’t regret every decision you make in the near future because I won’t be there to help and guide you. Always put in mind that you should always give yourself a chance to prove to anyone that you can do it! Just remember all of the things I’ve said to you when in times you don’t trust yourself. Best of luck x

— To all of my friends, schoolmates and everyone who helped me to survive throughout the year, thank you! I owe everything to you. Cheers! x

A Fragile Letter


People kept on asking me if I’m okay.

Do you think I’m okay?

Well, obviously I’m not.

What would you even feel if your special someone left you?

Broken? Bruised? Hurt? Sad?

I guess I’m feeling all in disguise. Its not easy for me to handle this one. Earlier, people that I know kept on asking me if I’m okay. What do you think will be my answer? Of course. Of course, I’m not okay. Its not that I’m not feeling well because I’m sick. Its because someone else’s continued to broke my heart into pieces. He slowly and surely ripped my heart into edges so that it won’t be fixed again.

The main reason why I wrote this one is because its for a special person that is so important in my life and I hope he would be able to read this one.


To: you

From: me

Hello, I guess you will be able to see this one because I know you’re still reading my works. I didn’t wrote this one for you to feel guilty but I’m doing this for you to know that I’m really grateful to have you in my life. Thank you so much for always being there for me through my hardships in life. Thank you for spoiling me with material things that I know I didn’t deserve. Thank you for giving me the love that others can’t give. Thank you for the love, effort, support and appreciation. Thank you for making me special. Thank you for treating me as your princess and queen. Thank you for every single thing. Sorry because I’m mistreating you sometimes. Sorry if I’m so rude and ignorant on all those things that you do, but believe me even if I’m mad at you, I still love you. And in the end, it did happened. I will miss everything that we do. I will miss our hangouts together. I will miss your long messages, corny jokes, reminders, gifts and letters. I will miss your hugs and kisses, your cuddles and touch but most of all, I’m going to miss you, us.

For the next girl you will love next, I want you to not hurt her the way you hurt me. I want you to treat her like a queen and you should do all your promises. Prove to her that promises aren’t meant to be broken. And for the girl who will love you back, please take care of him. Please understand and have a long patience to him because he is so hard – headed and a hot tempered guy. I want you to love him much more the way I did because he really deserve it. If you have plans to hurt him physically or emotionally, just please stay away from him. I want you to be reminded that he is the most important person in my life. And also, he loves cuddles and sleeping together, you know? He loves clingy and funny one. He loves coffee and he hates books!

Freedom is all yours, my love. You can finally embrace it without me because all for you I’ll do to make you happy. This will be my last blog for you and you’re free from my thoughts. I love you so much and I will always do even if I already lost you. You will always be my Yang, King, Plusle and every single name we made for each other. I will miss you.

— (DISCLAIMER: Photos are not mine, credits to Google)